Complete Marketing Plan

Marketing for the tabletop gaming industry.

When you need someone that understands the manufacturing, retail store. online sales, Kickstarter projects, and all the details of the tabletop gaming industry look no further than CMP. Our team’s deep experience and knowledge of the industry can help provide you with the advice and consulting you need to be successful.


We provide advice and insight into the structure and planning for before during and after your Kickstarter campaign. We can help you make the decisions early to help your campaign have the best chance and follow a path to getting funded. Working with us on a monthly or weekly basis for consulting is a great way to bounce ideas off of an expert as well as give you some direction. This service works best if you start with us six months to a year out from when you want to launch your Kickstarter. The first 45 min session is always free and we work on an hourly rate or a % of the total if you are funded or above.


We can provide you with consulting, planning, and systems to help you market your tabletop gaming-related business. We have a system we can teach your team and or help them implement so that you can market your business the right way to the right audience. Our experience in the past allows us to help any business across the industry, We have worked for manufacturers, retail store and chains, game designers, and publishers for 20+ years. These marketing projects are billed at an hourly rate or per project based on the need of the project.


We can help you advertise your tabletop gaming business. We have worked in the advertising industry for the past 10 years and can help you with media buying expertise across digital or linear tv. We can help you plan and budget for advertising campaigns on social media, OTT. CTV, or more traditional advertising. We can provide you with consulting and training for your team or help you implement advertising campaigns. We provide advertising consulting and training at an hourly rate and will run your advertising budget for your team for a fee and % of the budget.